1. How many employees do you have in your R&D department? What qualifications do they have?

There are 10 employees in the R&D department and all of them have international working experience.

2. Are you able to customize the product with the customer's LOGO?

Yes, we can do customization with authorization.

3. Can you distinguish your own products from others?

Yes, we can.

4. What plans do you have for your new products?

We release our new products according to the demand of the market and the development of our field.

5. What are the differences between your products and other competitors'?

We insist on quality control, the best quality and performance, best service, and lowest energy consumption.

6. What is the principle of physical design? What are the advantages?

They were made by popular trends and ergonomics. They are convenient for customers to use.

7. What certifications does your company have?

We've passed CE certification.

8. What is your company's production process?

We follow order-production-quality inspection-packaging-shipping-after-sale service processes.

9. What is the total production capacity of your company?

Our capacity is 300 units/year

10. What is your company size and the annual output value?

There are 50 employees, and our workshop and office building occupy the land of more than 10,000 square meters. The yearly output value is 80 million.

11. What are the acceptable payment methods for your company?

We accept bank transfer TT, Western Union, Paypal, money gram, etc.

12. Do you have your own brand?

Yes, we have brand UD-unite diesel

13. Which countries and regions have your products been exported to?

We have exported to Russian Federation, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, Venezuela, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Croatia, Algeria, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Australia, Canada, Pakistan, India, Paraguay, Bulgaria, Bolivia, Germany, Togo, Ecuador, France, Philippines, Congo, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Cambodia, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Latvia, Romania, Madagascar, United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, South Africa, Senegal, Sudan, Turkey, Singapore, Iran, Zambia, etc.

14. What‘s your main market?

We sell to domestic reparation stores and trading companies, also export directly to the international market of diesel engine maintenance and spare parts.

15. Does your company participate in the exhibitions? What are the specifics?

We Participate every year, for example, Russia Auto Parts Exhibition, Turkey Auto Parts Exhibition, Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition, Beijing Auto Parts Exhibition, Canton Fair, etc.

16. What were your company's sales for the past year? What is the proportion of domestic sales and foreign sales? What’s your target for this year? How to achieve it?

The sales of last year were 80 million yuan, 40% for domestic and 60% for the international market.
This year's sales target is 90 million yuan. We will release new products, enlarge our inventory. There will be more promotions this year, and we will try to develop new customers online and offline, meanwhile, we will have new salespersons to join our team too.